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House Rules

  • Check in is at 4:00 pm and a code will be sent shortly before and check out is 10 am. 

  • The rental agreement must to be returned prior to your visit.

  • No one can book a stay with us who is not using the booking for him or herself. 

  • One must be at least 25 years old to book with us.

  • Due to an extreme allergy (owner/cleaner) we are so sorry we cannot accept any animals. If we find evidence of an animal in the house, there is a $1000 deep cleaning fee. There may be an extra cleaning fee if the home is left dirty or beyond what would normally be expected. 

  • Do not park or drive on the grass.

  • Please take care to ensure all carpets, floors and walls are not damaged as well as furniture. 

  • Do not permit guests to use beds and chairs and couches indoors when they are wet or dirty.

  • The house is not ADA compliant so please contact us if you have accessibility questions. We will help anyway that we can.

  • The home has a brand new pool and we will have separate pool rules that must be observed by your party for safety reasons. The pool will be cleaned prior to your visit, if the pool requires cleaning during your stay, there will be an extra fee attached. In addition if the pool water requires replacing due to guests actions, there is a $1000 water and cleaning fee.

  • No smoking or vaping in the house or garage. Please take care of any litter from smoking in our outdoor areas. Do not store any items such as marijuana in our home. We charge a $500 fine for any evidence of any type of smoking including and not limited to vaping, cigarettes, pipes, cigars or marijuana in our home.

  • Please do not use either fireplace. You may risk burning the house down! In addition, candles are not allowed. We have a fire pit in the back yard and we ask that you DO NOT move it.  

  • The garbage goes out on Monday night and must come back in before the next day per city ordinances. If you cannot do that, please let us know. Otherwise our manager will stop over and take care of it. The recycling goes out every other Monday night. There may be a fee for excessive trash. Receptacles for trash are located just outside the garage.

  • Do not flush anything other than natural waste and a reasonable amount of TP! Throw sanitary napkins, wipes, makeup wipes, kleenex and paper towel in the trash not down the toilet!  Also avoid filling the garbage disposal with food and use the trash to avoid clogged pipes.

  •  Please do not move furniture and mattresses.  We ask that you also put patio furniture back where it was found and that you do not leave items in the pool.

  • We take great care to provide sparkling white bath towels and sheets.  Please use makeup wipes to remove makeup or use black makeup cloths instead of the white towels for removal.  Damage to our linens may result in an extra charge.  Do not bring the bath towels outdoors! We have several beach towels you are welcome to use.

  • Parties and generally disturbing the neighbors is strictly not allowed. No one who is not on the registered guest list is allowed to enter the property or use the pool. Guests are not allowed to receive mail at this property.  

  • Please note that we do have exterior cameras on the property for your safety and ours. Any acts of violence, fighting, parties, noise complaints, illegal activities, weapons and/or breaking rules can result in an immediate termination of stay.

  • Please report any damage as soon as possible. You can contact your hosts at 517-763-9367.

  • Quiet time starts at 10 pm to 8 am - no exceptions. You are welcome to enjoy the outdoor fireplace and garage in the evening, but you must avoid disturbing the neighbors. The city of Ludington has strict rules on excessive noise and they require to us to immediately terminate a guest stays in light of breaking the noise ordinances.

  • There are to be no fireworks on property what so ever! 

  • We generally do not reimburse or comp guests for items not being up to your expectations.  Our cleaning team is truly the best in the business and they work to make things right including taking detailed photos after each visit and when done cleaning.

Check-out Day Instructions


Check out is 10 am. Please do the following before leaving the property:​

  • Remove any trash from rooms and empty waste paper bins in bathrooms and kitchen. Put the trash outside in the appropriate bin.

  • Put all dirty dishes in dishwasher and run it.

  • Remove all items from the pool and put pool furniture back where they were found.

  • Clean grill. We do have tin foil available to keep messes to a minimum.

  • Remove all items from refrigerator and freezer. Do not leave any food items in the cabinets.

  • When leaving, be sure all doors and windows are locked. Please text your host to let us know when you have left the property so that we can begin cleaning. You can text 517-763-9367

  • Have fun and enjoy the home!

After reviewing the house rules and you find we are still a good fit, please take explore the photos of our property.

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